2021 DCIST Review Meeting

Monday, May 10 – Wednesday, May 12, 2021



Monday, May 10th
12:00 PM Opening Remarks: Brett Piekarski/Vijay Kumar
12:15 PM T1C1 Multi-Agent Situational Awareness: Jonathan How
1:00 PM T1C2 Collaborative Learning and Intelligence: Amanda Prorok
1:45 PM T1C3 Adaptation and Learning in Wireless Autonomous Systems: Justin Romberg
2:30 PM T1C5 Joint Resource Allocation in Perception-Action-Communication Loops: Alejandro Ribeiro
3:15 PM T1C4 Hierarchical Abstractions for Planning: Nicholas Roy
4:00 PM CDE A: Heterogenous Multiagent Situational Awareness
5:00 PM END

Tuesday, May 11th
12:00 PM Opening Remarks: Brett Piekarski/Vijay Kumar
12:15 PM T2C1 Hierarchical & Distributed Control for Adversarial Operations: Vijay Kumar
1:00 PM T2C2 Scalable Task Assignment for Heterogeneous Multi-Unit Teams: Magnus Egerstedt
1:45 PM T2C3 Tactical Engagement of Heterogeneous Teams in Complex Environments: Gaurav Sukhatme
2:30 PM T2C4 Human Interaction with Large Heterogeneous Teams: Sonia Chernova
3:15 PM CDE B: Dynamic Teaming Operations in Contested Environments
5:00 PM END

Wednesday, May 12th
1:00 PM Opening Remarks: Brett Piekarski/Vijay Kumar
1:15 PM T3C1 Resilient Situational Awareness: George Pappas
2:00 PM T3C2 Wireless Communication Networks for Distributed Collaborative Systems: Alejandro Ribeiro
2:45 PM T3C3 Exploiting Heterogeneity for Resilience: Gaurav Sukhatme
3:30 PM T3C4 Multi-Agent Behaviors in the Presence of Adversaries: M. Ani Hsieh
4:15 PM T3C5 Rapid Adaptation to Large Disturbances: Sergey Levine
5:00 PM END