2019 DCIST Technical Workshop

Wednesday, April 3 – Thursday, April 4, 2019

University of Southern California

Davidson Conference Center Vineyard Room, 3409 South Figueroa Street

Los Angeles, CA 90089

REGISTRATION – students are encouraged to attend!

Please register here: https://events.usc.edu/esvp/esvp_dcist.php

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Rooms have been reserved for participants at the USC Hotel.  Reserve your room here or by calling the hotel at 833-2-BOOK-USC or 213-748-4141 (make sure to mention the “DCIST PI Meeting Group”).


Wednesday, April 3rd
8:00 AM Registration opens
9:00 AM DCIST & Research Area Overviews
10:00 AM RA1.A1 The Swarm’s Knowledge Base: Contextual Perceptual Representations: Luca Carlone/Nikolay Atanasov
10:30 AM RA1.A2 Hierarchical, Composable, and Adaptable Learning: Sergey Levine
11:00 AM BREAK
11:15 AM RA1.A3 Hierarchical and Composable Planning for Sufficient Optimality: Sertac Karaman
11:45 AM RA1.B1 Distributed Learning, Inference and Planning: Jonathan How
12:15 PM RA1.B2 Collaborative Learning in Multi-Agent Networks: Kostas Daniilidis
12:45 PM RA1.C1 Joint Resource Allocation in Perception-Action-Communication Loops: Alejandro Ribeiro
2:15 PM RA1.B3 Interaction with Human Teammates: Julie Shah
2:45 PM RA1.C2 Resource-Aware Perception-Action-Communication Loops: Panagiotis Tstiotras
3:15 PM RA1.C3 Adaptation and Learning in Wireless Autonomous Systems: Justin Romberg
3:45 PM RA2.A1 Abstraction of Task Diversity: Vijay Kumar
4:30 PM RA2.A2 Modeling Human Traits: Sonia Chernova
5:00 PM RA2.B1 Human-Agent Collaborative and Heterogeneous Group Control: Julie Shah
5:30 PM RA2.B2 Heterogeneous Hierarchical Autonomous Networks: Alejandro Ribeiro
6:00 PM END
7:00 PM Future Collaborations: Networking and Discussion event
Thursday, April 4th
9:00 AM CDE.1 Plug-and-Play Interfaces for Experimental Platforms: Ani Hsieh
9:30 AM CDE.2 Integration of Wireless Communication Simulators: Nora Ayanian/Alejandro Ribeiro
10:00 AM CDE.3 Develop Common Test Environments and Cases: Henrik Christensen
10:30 AM CDE.4 Mobile Autonomous Networks: Giuseppe Loianno
11:00 AM BREAK
11:15 AM RA2.C1 Task Assignment: Ani Hsieh
11:45 AM RA2.A3 Composable Autonomy in Heterogeneous Groups: Magnus Egerstedt
12:15 PM RA3.A1 Robust Adaptive Machine Learning: Sergey Levine
12:45 PM RA3.A2 Robust Self-Improving Inference, Perception, and Action: Luca Carlone
2:15 PM RA3.B1 Adaptive and Heterogeneous Group Behaviors for Uncertainty Mitigation: Nikolay Atanasov
2:45 PM RA3.C1 Resilient Situational Awareness: George Pappas
3:15 PM RA3.C2 Resilience to Failures of Subsets of Networks: Gaurav Sukhatme
4:00 PM Supplemental Task Posters
5:30 PM END
Friday, April 5th
8:30 AM TMG Meeting – Technical Management Group Only


USC is 10 miles away from the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), which has direct flights to all major cities around the world. The most convenient way to reach the USC campus (and USC Hotel next to the USC campus) from the LAX airport is via taxi or Uber/Lyft. Another option is the SuperShuttle service. USC is also connected to major parts of the city by LA Metro Rail Lines.


Parking on campus is currently $12. Parking is available at Royal Street Parking Structure, 649 West 34th Street Los Angeles 90089. Enter off of Jefferson Boulevard at Royal Street (east of Hoover Street).